Second Scratchpads course in Thailand (5-9 August 2015), in Chiang Mai University

The second Scratchpads training course in Thailand was organized by Dr. Angkhana Inta and her students of the Ethnobotany Laboratory of Chiang Mai University, together with Tanawat Chowasku of the Queen Sirikit Botanical Gardesn, and Prof. Henrik Balslev and Dr. Rodrigo Cámara of Aarhus University. Twenty-nine plant taxonomists and ethnobotanists from four Universities of Thailand participated in the course.

Start of the course, August 5:

Twenty-eight Plant taxonomists and ethnobotanists came from four different provinces of Thailand:

End of course, August 9

Scratchpads pages created: 

1* Jantrararuk Tovaranon:

2* Warakul Chaiwino:

3* Chulaluk Lakoet:

4* Oraphan Sangkajantranon:

5* Rumrada Meeboonya:

6* Paweena Wessapak:

7* Nattanon Meeprom:

8* Khajornsak Worapratheep:

9* Natcha Sujaritjai:

10* Prateep Punyadee:

11* Rapeeporn Kantasrila:

12* Natcha Chaisoung:

13* Sukhumaabhorn Kaewsangsai:

14* Varangrat Nguanchoo:

15* Pratana Sumridpiem:

16* Piyanart Suankeaw:

17* Pakawat Janyasupab:

18* Pananun Somjaiai:

19* Kamonnate Srithi:

20* Wattana Tanming:

21* Jarun Maknoi:

22* Akarasit Boonsongthae:

23* Nantiya Aggimarangsee:

24* Angkhana Inta:

25* Kittiyut Punchay:

26* Anissara Damthongdee:

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