Third Scratchpads course in Thailand (23-26 February 2016), in Bangkok Forest Herbarium

The third Scratchpads training course for the Flora of Thailand was organized by Dr. Kongkanda Chayamarit of the Bangkok Forest Herbarium, together with  Prof. Henrik Balslev and Dr. Rodrigo Cámara of Aarhus University. Twelve plant taxonomists and ethnobotanists from the Bangkok Forest Herbarium, three Universities (Mahidol, Chulalongkorn, Aarhus), the Department of Agriculture, and the National Science Museum (Thailand) participated in the course.

Start of the course, February 23 / End of course, February 26

Scratchpads pages created:

1* Ms. Wirata Rujichaipimon (Some Durio spp. (Malvaceae)):

2* Mr. Pantamith Rattanakrajang (Thai Ipomoeeae (Convolvulaceae)) :

3* Mr. Watchara Arthan (Andropogoneae in Thailand (Poaceae)):

4* Ms. Kanokon Bunpha (Fagaceae in Southeastern Thailand):

5* Ms. Walaiporn Wisawachaiwat (Clinacanthus in Thailand):

6* Mr. Phattaravee Prommanut (Dendrobium section Stachyobium in Thailand):

7* Mr. Sirisak Wongphakdee (Taxonomic Revision of Fern Genus Tectaria Cav. (Tectariaceae) in Thailand):

8* Ms. Sommanussa Saengrit (Flora):

9* Mr. Baramee Sakolrak (Mushrooms of Thailand):

10* Mr. Sukid Rueangruea (Thailand Trees):

11* Dr. Atchara Teerawatnanon (Undergrowth species diversity):

12* Dr. Marta Gruca (Ethnomedicine of African Palms):

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